4th East Mediterranean Congress of Laboratory Animal Science
9 – 11 December 2021
Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey


Workshops will be organized on the first day of the meeting.

Workshop Program:

Workshop-I: Current Administrative and Application Issues in Laboratory Animal Science in Turkey will be discussed. President and vice-president of LASA-Turkey (Osman Yılmaz and Sinan Canpolat) and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Hüseyin Gökçe Meşe, Hayriye Eren ve Burcu Erdoğan Boz) will take part in this workshop with contributions of Veterinarians from various experimental research centers in Turkey. Note that this workshop will run in Turkish.

Workshop-II: Anne-Dominique Degryse will give a lecture on Severity Classification in LAS. Then, she will run a workshop example on severity classification in rats and mice.

Details of the workshop will be announced soon.